Funk It Up

Funk It Up It was the 1960s. Racial, economic, and political tensions ran high during this period. However, a new genre was sweeping the nation. It captivated many audiences with its new exciting sounds that consists of wavy melodies. Powerhouses such as Chaka Khan, James Brown, and Earth Wind & Fire ruled the music scene. […]

Awww, Black and the Blues

Awww, the Black and the Blues Blues was the music of the 1980s, it was the theme song of movements. During the 1980s, record labels were in the fright of producing the next greatest Blues artists and songs. Blues music originated in the Mississippi Delta, and it was originally a poor man’s music. The race […]

The Roaring Ragtimes

The Roaring Ragtimes The 1920s in America brought economic prosperity, hopes of the American dream, and new art innovations. Ragtime music was the theme music to the popular Roaring 20s. Money was of no object to people, and the parties never seemed to end. Unfortunately, the 1920s for black people meant a small portion of […]

The Transnational Movement of Jubilee Quartets

The Transnational Movement of Jubilee Quartets After the negro spiritual period, the jubilee period splits into three sections, jubilee (1880-1929), transitional (1930-45), and gospel (1946-49). Focusing on the transitional period, key factors that elevated jubilee music into a notable American music genre was its migration to the north, urbanization, and touring. These three factors bolstered […]

Rhiannon Giddens – Folk Music Pioneer

Rhiannon Giddens-Folk Music Pioneer Folk music originates from oral story-telling that has been down through generations of families. The folk music that we know and love today, would not be here if it was not for efforts of African American/black people. Folk music like many other music forms was crafted and perfected by black musicians […]