A Christmas Carole

93rd Annual Spelman-Morehouse Christmas Carol Concert I personally was amazed by the talent that was displayed at the Christmas Concert. I didn’t expect the variety of genres music from Traditional Negro Spirituals, to Gospel, and classic Christmas songs. I enjoyed the various instruments including the organ, piano, drums, and trumpet along with their singing. It […]


TECHNO Background Techno Music is a form of electronic dance music. Its origin can be dated back to the mid to late 1980s in Detroit, Michigan. It became popular from its upbeat style through the use of computers, multi-track mixers, drum machines, and samplers. Detroit Techno is a staple for techno music due to its […]


Gospel Origination of Gospel Music   Gospel Music is a genre of Christian Music. The origination can be dated back to slavery. Due to assimilation, Black slaves were forced into Christianity upon arrival to America. Then led to the founding of Gospel. Similarly to negro spirituals, it is used to heal, uplift, and spread the […]

A Review of “Folk Music: Turn Up the Folk Music”

Summary: Jhanae Askew’s post is very informative of the origination of Folk Music. This post describes the social impact of Folk Music as it brings communities together and describes the rich nature in which Folk Music is present in African-Americans. The instruments found in Folk Music include the Djembe, Banjo, and the Patting Juba. Additionally, […]