Gospel Post: Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s

During the 1960’s, the Jubilee Quartet timeline had made its rounds towards their gospel period, this being a prime time for a variety of artists to step into the light, with Lee Williams and his quartet starring as one of those artists. Background Williams was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on July 28, 1946. Mitchell Thornton– […]

Howlin’ Wolf’s Wild Blues

Starting as folk music for the enslaved to cheer themselves on, Blues would emerge as a genre in the mid 1800s around the Mississippi Delta. Though, the music styling would begin its popularity around the early 1900s, Delta Blues being one of the earliest Blues stylings. Artist Howlin’ Wolf would redefine aspects of this early […]

Heart, Soul, and Negro Spirituals

Being the basis of near all African American music, Negro Spirituals hold immense significance to the Black community. Times were bleak when this music were curated back in the 1800s, proving to be the only spirit the enslaved would have in this era. Background To instead refer to this genre as “African American Spirituals” wouldn’t […]

Herbie Hancock’s Electric-Jazz Journey

A New Orleans music styling that would take America by storm, jazz music was created as a way to express oneself freely through music, using methods taken from church, blues, swing, syncopation, and improvisation, along with general other aspects of Black culture. Herbie Hancock would be one to utilize this genre and put his own […]

Artist Project: Dorinda Clark-Cole

Bibliography COGIC. “The Elect Lady.” 2019.https://www.cogic.org/evangelismdepartment/about-us/elect-lady/ Cummings, Tony. “Dorinda Clark-Cole: The Rose Of Gospel with a Clark Sisters heritage.” 20 November 2006.https://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/articles/music/Dorinda_ClarkCole_The_Rose_Of_Gospel_with_a_Clark_Sisters_heritage/24795/p1/Peppers, Gia. “#WEW: Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole Shows Us How to Never Give Up on Faith.” 27 October 2020.https://www.essence.com/festival/2015-essence-festival/wew-dr-dorinda-clark-cole-shows-us-how-never-give-faith/Tart, Thomas. “Meet Dorinda Clark Cole.” 24 March 2021.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/meet-dorinda-clark-cole-thomas-timothy-tartWilliams, Brennan. “Dorinda Clark-Cole On A Clark Sisters Reunion, […]

Beeps & Bops Made By the Free (Bebop – Summer of Soul Poem)

Better buddies made with soundSound that won’t go unfoundA life of ruin that won’t come to beWith beeps and bops made by the free Separated from swingTo free one’s wingsA new jazz sound will come to be Money no moreJust beats on the floorAfricans, Hispanics, and grooving galore The start of a bopWould make hearts […]

Kevin Saunderson’s Elevation of Techno

When people first heard the sound, it was regarded as music from another reality entirely. However, once in its groove, you could never get out. Techno music was developed in the ’60s through ’70s in Detroit, Michigan. It made stark comparisons to House Music, an electronic sound that originated in Chicago, Illinois. The sound was […]

African Roots Through Bones

Origin In itself, bones have been found through different areas of the world: India, China, Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, and– mostly notably– Egypt, where they were known as clappers. Such as today, the instrument would be used in folk music. Bones are known for being the oldest musical instrument; accompanied by the fact that all […]