Techno Post: Detroit Techno

Techno Post: Detroit Techno In 1970s, Detroit radio stations were divided into two different types. One would only play songs by caucasian DJs, and the other would only play African American DJ songs. DJ Charles Johnson took his risk and played both songs including P-Funk and YMO. This ended up influencing three high school students […]

Artist Page: Johnny Griffin

Artist Post: Johnny Griffin Introduction When you ask a jazz player to name any famous tenor saxophone player, this name will probably be one of the first ones to come up. I started playing tenor saxophone when I was 16 years old in Japan. It didn’t take long time for me to realize the instrument […]

Musical Theater Post: The Background Story of “Ain’t Misbehavin’”

Musical Theater Post: The Background Story of “Ain’t Misbehavin’” This was a broadway musical that was on theater from May 1978. It was very popular that it was played for 1604 times before they stopped playing in February 1982.  However, it didnt start its way from broadway from the beginning. At first, in 1929, it […]

Disco Post: Its Birth And Strong Players

Disco Post: Its Birth And Strong Players Earl Young, the leader of The Trammps, took an important role in the development of disco music. He played with multiple well known players like The O’Jays and The Three Degrees. Also, he was a member of MFSB in Philadelphia International Records. This was a band run by […]

Jazz Post: Looking at America from Jazz

Jazz Post:Looking at America from Jazz Louisiana was one of the birth place of Jazz. The name Louisiana comes from Louis XIV. It was colonized by French since 17th century. The slaves in Louisiana were mainly brought from Cuba and Haiti. Their music also had Latin influence to it before it made it to New […]

Ragtime Post: Two Different Duple Metre Music

Ragtime Post: Two Different Duple Metre Music by Ayami Oe The name “rag time” comes from “ragged-time.” The word “ragged” represents its syncopated rhythm. Many ragtime songs are double metre. We can find many duple metre songs in marching songs too. However, when we listen to these two types of songs, they sound different. It […]

Marian Anderson – The Undeniable Talent

Marian Anderson The Undeniable Talent by Ayami Oe Marian Anderson is known to be one of the pioneer singers of African Americans. Despite the social oppression, her talent was undeniably impressive. This post will discuss 3 stories that show her remarkableness.   Firstly, she showed her talent since little. She did not come from a wealthy […]

Jubilee Quartet: The Remarkable “Golden Gate Quartet”

The Golden Gate Quartet is one of the most iconic group for Jubilee quartet. They started in mid 1930s. It consists of Willie Johnson for baritone, Henry Owens for first tenor, William Langford for second tenor, and Orlandus Wilson for bass. They started when they were in high school in Norfold, Virginia. Their most famous […]

Gender Roles in Blues

Gender Roles in Blues by Ayami Oe Blues is a type of music that is enjoyed by people all around the world today. Its birth traces back to 1920s and 1930s. We can see significant roles both African American men and women took in the rising of the Blues.  While the Blues was becoming more […]

Negro Spirituals

Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Negro spirituals is a genre of music that was composed by slaves, often slow but not always, essentially vocal genre but has arranged instrumental versions. It has emotional and touching […]

Review of Folk Music by Ayami Oe

Review of “Turn up the folk music” by Jhanae Askew Coming from Japan, I found several similarities and differences between the two cultures. In Japan, stories were also widely told through lyrics of music. It was often sung on streets by blind monks. The two cultures share way of spreading stories and also the tie […]