Hip Hopper: The Evolution of Rap in America

Origin of Hip Hop Hip Hop was a way for artist to creatively express them selves and tell of the struggles they faced in life. Hip Hop emerged from the Bronx and spread to others in the 1970s. Hip Hop was not just performed by the African Americans, but for those all across the African […]

High Tech: A look into the World of Techno

AN Intro to Techno When I thought about Techno , I had always considered it more of a “White” thing. It shocked me to find out that Techno was created by three Black Men. Techno was created in the mid 1980s in Detroit, Michigan. Techno gets its unique sound from the used of computerized sounds […]

Azia White

Why I shouldn’t take the final I should not have to take the final because I have done every assignment you have given us (on time) and correctly.

Take Me to Church: Gospel Music in America

The Origin of Gospel Gospel Music has deep roots within the African American Church. The elements that are associated with African American Gospel music can be traced back to western African. During the slave trade, slaves brought their culture with them to the United States. After the Great Awakening, Africans and their descendants added rhythm […]

Rhythm and Blues: Black Music in America

The Origin When we think about R&B , we often think about more modern music. While R&B is an and ongoing genre that is still popular now, it dates as far back as the 1940s. Rhythm and Blues emerged from the  World War II era  in big cities like New York and Chicago.  The music […]

Tia Fuller: A Diamond in the Rough

Black creativity is unmatched. All music is black music as it is inevitably inspired by the music of black people. Jazz music is no different and has inspired many artists and impacted music as a whole.

The Jackson Jubilee Singers

Jubilee Jubilee was a genre of African American folk music that was popular from 1880-1950. The genre’s origin’s lies int the negro spirituals that were sung by slaves. Jubilee Quartets were a form of a cappella. There were the well known barbershop quarter , street performances and performances in Minstrel Shows. Jubilee Quartets were also […]

Our Music: Why Negro Spirituals Still Resonates

As time passed and slavery continued to thrive, slaves and their descendants adopted Christianity,the religion of slave owners, and reshaped it into something that inspired hope and helped them deal with the weight of bondage.