Black Culture and Musical Institutions in Detroit’s Early Electronic Music Culture

 Ownership and commodification were two main elements associated with Detroit’s electronic music. Detroit’s electronic music had an everlasting effect on interdisciplinary communities across the globe. Yet, the concept of ownership was heavily debated. The complexity arises when elements of an entire genre is decided to be maintained and owned by people. Instead of grouping an […]

What Difference Does it Make?

To me, when I listen to Black music I reminisce on the struggles of artist that came before our favorite rappers. I think of the political climate of the Marvin Gaye era, and the Prince era; and I realized not much has changed. As Black folk, we still use music as a social commentary, a […]

Stevie Wonder

  Motown: Fingertips Pt. 2 (1963)   Jazz: Sir Duke (1976 a tribute to lifelong hero Duke Ellington) Techno: Love Light in Flight (1984)                                                               […]