Negro Spirituals

By Abiodun Scott​ Negro spirituals were based around the BIble and the tragedies of slavery. African Americans typically used to express their faith in God and instill hope in themselves and their future generations of a better future; a future where they are free and no longer have to struggle. Their inherent faith in the […]

Highlights: Marian Anderson

By Abiodun Scott​ A brief highlight reel of Marian Anderson, the contralto whose voice broke through racial barriers After being barred from singing at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall (DAR Constitution Hall), Anderson sang in front of the Lincoln Memorial, garnering 75,000 guests, far more than the DAR Constitution Hall could’ve fit. […]

The Racism Around Ragtime and Black Culture

By Abiodun Scott​ Ragtime. Known to be “ragged” music, this complex genre requires precision and skill. The exciting scores required one hand (typically the left) to play a steady beat while the other played with syncopation. Though it sounds as though it could’ve been made up on the fly, a ragtime musician usually doesn’t deviate […]

Was James Brown The Myth of Afro-American Affluence?

By Abiodun Scott It’s April 4th, 1968 and tensions are high following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Everyone is left wondering if race relations will be peacefully solved. The emergence of riots around the country were detrimental, and in the chaos, it was one concert that turned the tides. Following concerns about […]

Victoria Monét

By Abiodun Scott Victoria Monét Born on May 1st, 1993 in Georgia to an African American mother and French father, Victoria Monét McCants experienced drastic changes in her early childhood. Following her parent’s divorce, she moved to Sacramento, California to live with her grandmother, a time in which her mother worked three jobs in order […]

Being a Hiphop Scholar: A Dissection of KRS-One’s Ideas

Being a Hiphop Scholar: A Dissection of KRS-One’s Ideas By Abiodun Scott KRS-One explains it best: Hiphop is a collective consciousness; what is everyone thinking? Hiphop manifested is hip hop, the culture; how do you express what everyone is thinking? Lastly, hip-hop is rap music products and their related activities. With knowledge of the terms, […]

The Last Remnants of ‘Innocence’: The Demure 2000s

Alicia Keys

The Last Remnants of ‘Innocence’: The Demure 2000s By: Abiodun Scott In this day and age, it is socially acceptable to be open and proud of who you are. From sexual orientations all the way down to gender identifications, most people are not only able to embrace who they are, but support and uplift others […]