They Left Us Blue: The Commodification of Blues Music

Black people have had everything stripped away from them that one could possibly think of from the dawn of time. Through trials and tribulations the one thing that the Black community collectively had to keep hope alive was their brilliant, creative minds that housed a history that we know as music. Every genre that has […]

The Melting Pot that is Jazz Music

Origin of Jazz: Jazz music originated in the late 19th century in New Orleans, Louisiana. The development of jazz started with the musical traditions of celebration in the city which often included: opera, military marching bands, blues, folk music, church music, and many more. This variety of sweet sound became a melting pot which then […]

A Pioneer of Classical Music: Mattiwilda Dobbs

Mattiwilda Dobbs was an African-American classical singer known for her coloratura soprano timbre. Dobbs was born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 11, 1925. Dobbs journey with music started at a very young age, at the age of 7 she began piano lessons and also sang throughout the community along with church choirs. She began her […]

Classical Music: The Never-Changing Genre

Origin: Classical music has been around for ages, dates back to the medieval times (500-`1400). But this was for our white counterparts. We came into the picture in the 1770s by Chevalier de Saint-George, a black man who was Paris-based known as the “Black Mozart”. His leap into this genre paved the way for other […]

Ragtime: The Genre Ahead of its Time

Origin: Ragtime was first seen in African American communities in the United States, specifically the southern and Midwest states. Ragtime was developed towards the end of the nineteenth century into the twentieth century (1890s-1917). Originally ragtime was played by black musicians in bars and clubs, without any sheet music simply playing melodies that created a […]

Jubilee Quartet Blog Post

Jubilee Quartets have played a significant role in the course of African American music, not only does it hold a strong foundation it has also influenced a number of genres. Jubilee Quartets are the root of these various genres that you will read later in the blog post. First let’s start with the origin of […]

Folk Music

Folk music is a traditional form of rural music in America and Europe. Folk music is passed through generations of families and friends. Furthermore, folk music is learned through hearing and not through reading music. An important component of traditional folk music is its acceptance among community members and families. Often times, performances of folk […]

Alyssia Santiago’s IME

Introduction: Hello all, my name is Alyssia Santiago. I am a senior psychology major from San Antonio, Texas. I grew up as a military brat and traveled around the world. For example I’ve lived in various states and overseas in Turkey. I look forward to the end of the semester and learning all about African […]