The Melting Pot

In the most musical city in the country, the most American art form was born. In the early 20th century Jazz music was created in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jazz was influenced by almost every musical form preceding it but it could not have come about without the influence of Ragtime and the Blues. Jazz was […]

That Takes the Cake!

By: Asia Robinson The birth of the first syncopated genre, Ragtime, came in 1896. The popular sound that comes from ragtime was created by African-American southerners. Ragtime is most famous for its use of syncopation which in layman‘s terms is described as putting a beat in between a beat. The piano was the instrument of […]

Show Me the Money

By: Asia Robinson At the end of the 19th century black southerns, specifically from the Mississippi Delta, developed a new way to depict the hardships of the lives of black folk. The blues is recognized by the simplistic sound of the harmonica,  guitar, and the banjo.  Like previous and future genres the blues told stories […]

Go Down Moses, Down to Negro Spirituals

  Negro Spirituals are a sacred part of African-American culture. Singing was used by the slaves as a form of expression and relief from the physical and mental battles they were put through. Songs such as “Hold on” and “I’ll shall not be moved” are about keeping faith in God and trusting that he’ll give you […]

Asia Robinson’s IME

My name is Asia Robinson, I am from Oakland California. I am a graduating senior psychology major with plans of becoming a relationship and family counselor. My mindset has  been different each semester, for my last semester I am struggling with shifting from being a college student to being a college graduate. Everywhere I turn […]