Blues: Stories in Song

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Jubilee Quartet History and Tradition Born from the university singing tradition, Jubilee Quartets are typically a four-part group known for their repetoire and distinctive performance practices. The African-American Quartet unlike the European quartet is characterized by the number of harmony parts and can have up to six voices singing four-part harmony arrangements in either […]

Spirituals: From Being Earthly Bound to Moving Homeward Bound

Spirituals History The Spiritual is the earliest form of religious music of African Americans in the United States born in the heat of slavery. While there is no precise starting date, historians would characterize the ‘Spirituals’ music period beginning circa the mid-1800’s.  This genre, born of an enslaved people, is imbued with a unique expression […]

Cultural Continuity: Folk Music, A Familiar Face

Cultural Continuity: Folk Music, A Familiar Face History Instruments The origins of folk music can be traced back to the 1600’s when African slaves began arriving in colonial America. Folk music told the story of enslaved Africans in the united states and is a key element in all healing and religious rituals for these people. […]

Review of Folk Article

By: Ariel A. Alvarado In “African American Folk: The Beginning of Music” by Dorielle Ard, we are taught the origin of folk music, key elements of the musical genre, and a brief synopsis of its importance. The article was well structured, the visual aspect of the page engaging enough to help me to read all […]