Detroit Techno

Origin of Detroit Techno: Techno is a form of electronic music produced using a wide range of analog electronic and computer-based digital instruments and software. It was originated by Juan Atkins in the 1980s. Elements of Detroit Techno: House music: a style of electronic music originating in gay Black clubs in Chicago in the 1980s. […]

Hip Hop

Hip Hop, which originally emerged in largely African American, Afro-Caribbean, and Latino communities of the Bronx, is now one of the most popular and influential genres of music amongst all people today. Not only is a popular music genre but it has become a culture as well. Rap music is the most popular aspect that […]

Gospel over the years

Gospel music is religious music of African Americans that emerged in urban centers during the early decades of the twentieth century. Gospel music is performed for aesthetic pleasure, religious and ceremonial purposes, and also as entertainment. During its origin, the entertainment aspect was very hard for some of the older religious blacks to grasp because […]

Motown Records

What is Motown Records? Motown Records is a recording company developed by record executive Berry Gordon and owned by Universal Music Group. Motown specializes in soul music with a pop influence. Due to that crossover as a Black-owned record label, Motown played a huge role in the racial integration of popular music. Motown has such […]

Black and Blues

Origin: The Blues originated from rural areas and small towns in the deep South and Midwest like New Orleans, Memphis, and St. Louis. The blues was the most self-contained type of Black music created during this time and was mostly performed solo. The development of Blues emerged in conjunction with significant new developments in literature, […]

…And all that JAZZ

Introduction to JAZZ Jazz is considered the pinnacle of African American music in the 20th century and is distinguished by its originality in improvisation and virtuosity, its erudition of its performers and composers, and its professionalism and artistry. Instrumental performance has been the most prestigious and influential aspect of jazz music, unlike most other black […]

Ragtime Video

Pilgrim Jubilees

ORIGIN The Pilgrim Jubilees, sometimes commonly known as “The Jubes” are a black gospel group established in 1934. The group was established by original group member Willie Johnson and Elgie Graham, who were from Jackson, Mississippi and Chicago, Illinois. The Pilgrim Jubilees influenced a lot of today’s gospel music. PAST GROUP MEMBERS Elgie Graham Leonard […]

Negro Spirituals

  ORIGIN When Africans were enslaved they were not granted the freedom to express their own religious beliefs or non-beliefs. Instead, they were forced into Christianity by their slave owners. As a result of that, they decided to put their own twist on things and start a genre of music called Spirituals. Spirituals symbolized the […]


Origin: Folk music was one of the many traditions that African slaves brought with them when they arrived to colonial America during the seventeenth century. Some of the other traditions included the languages they spoke, the religions and folklore they practices, and the dances they performed. All of which were foreign to European traders, slave […]