Hip- Hop Post

Hip-Hoppin All Over The World What is Hip Hop? Hip Hop emerged out of the New York Area specifically the Bronx area of New York. Hip Hop is a creative expression of music that has a large emphasis on culture. The culture is relative to whoever is expressing them selves on the song. It i […]

Funk Post

FUNK IT UP! An Overview of the Funk Area & Its Influence on Blackness What is Funk? Funk is unapologetically black music. It is how u talk, how u dress, rhythm, the way you move, it was our own black music. Funk music was a celebration of blackness. Funk music is a form of dance […]

Put Your Fist In the Air!!!!- Techno Music

Origins and Influence Techno music was created in Detroit, Michigan in the mid-late 1980s.. Techno music uses high technology sounds (computerized) and produces sounds that are associated with the music of many dance and nightclubs. It has also been called underground dance music. Techno music mixes many different genres such as gospel, blues, and alternative […]

Gospel Posts

Gospel Music Old School Vs. New School Gospel music is the twentieth-century form of African American religious music that evolved in urban cities following the Great Migration of Blacks from the rural South around the time of World Wars I and II. The musical foundation for this genre was laid in several different contexts in […]

Rhythym & Blues: Anita Baker

ANITA BAKER Professional Life Anita Baker was born on January 26, 1958 in Toledo Ohio. When she was two, her mother abandoned her and Baker was raised by a foster family in Detroit, Michigan Baker’s talent first became apparent when she sang in church choirs in Detroit, where she grew up. When Baker was 12, […]

Where Black Collides: The Heartbeat of Congo Square

CONGO SQUARE, NEW ORLEANS, CIRCA 1800S In 1724, the French implemented “Code Noir” in the Louisiana Territory which gave enslaved people Sunday as a “day of rest”. The enslaved people used this day to congregate in remote and public places, practicing ceremonial rituals such as voodoo, religious ceremonies, dancing or singing. When the Spanish took […]

A’Shiah N. Rachel Posts

A’Shiah N. Rachel Check out our Intro to Ragtime Video by Alix Swann, Makeena Walker, and A’Shiah N. Rachel Video Transcript Welcome Class! Today we are talking about Ragtime. In 1886, pianos were more common in American houses than bathtubs were. This time period of heavy piano playing influenced African American instrumental artists to develop […]

Jubilee Quartet Posts

Shout Four!-An Overview of the Capital City Four and the Jubilee Four!! Background of Jubilee Quartets The Jubilee Quartet was a more polished, sophisticated version of the Negro Spiritual and were now arranged,  usually sang in concert halls. They started as a way for Historically Black Colleges and Universities to fundraise for their financial hardships […]

Negro Spiritual Posts

Our Spirit is Invincible- A History of Negro Spirituals & How They Kept Us Sane Origin A negro spiritual is very similar to a religious folk song, and stems from the enslavement of African Americans in the South. The songs provide an insight to the decades of slavery leading up to its abolishment in around […]

Folk Posts

The History of Folk Music Defining Folk Music Folk music is defined as music that originates in traditional popular culture or that is written in such a style. Folk music is typically of unknown authorship and is transmitted orally from generation to generation.  Origin Folk music originally stems from the African people. Although whites are […]