Negro Spirituals

Negro Sprituals Those who were bought from Africa dealt with harsh living conditions without freedom or grace. Negro Spirituals were a way were slaves to express their resistance and survival, often sung with homemade instruments, if any instruments at all. Negro Spirituals were a way for them to express their concerns, feelings, or thoughts about […]

Father of Gospel

Gospel Impact Who is Thomas A. Dorsey? Thomas A.Dorsey is considered the father of gospel. It was him who decided to combine blues and jazz into the sound of what we know as “gospel”. Initially, this term and type of music was rejected in many churches. They labeled Dorsey’s music as “Devil Music”.  – Founder […]

A Different Type of Punk: Parliament Funkadelic

Parliament Funkadelic Where did Parliament Funkadelic Get its Inspiration From? Parliament Funkadelic was inspired by Motown. George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic’s, founder initially began songwriting for Motown. Clinton combined musicians he’d previously worked with to form what we know as Parliament Funkadelic.The initial traditional rock band inspired by James Brown and Sly Stone was named the […]

A New Perspective: David Banner

David Banner: What’s Changed? What was David Banner Doing Before? Before David Banner became educated on African American politics and being woke, he was very involved in gangsta rap. Songs like “Get Like Me” and “Like a Pimp” were on billboards in the early 2000s. Like other gangsta rap music, he rapped about drugs, money, […]


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Bounce Music History

Bounce Presenters: Aniyah Peterson, Alyssa Armstrong, Amber Sylvain, Desirae Banks, Jaden Jackson History Bounce music is rooted in and inherently connected to New Orleans culture. Bounce music can be categorized as a style of music that originated in the city’s housing projects during the late 1980’s. The backbone of the genre is its use of […]

40 Years of HipHop

KRS One: A Hip-Hop Scholar In the 40 Year’s of Hip-hop documentary KRS One discusses the importance of how education, culture, history, and slavery relate to hip-hop culture. KRS- One says that to be a hip-hop scholar you must embody it to its core and spread the knowledge to others.  One of the first topics […]

How DId We Listen to Music?

How Did We Listen to Music? By: Aniyah Peterson 2000s Post Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music did not always exist. These streaming services became available during the 2010s. Prior to streaming services most of the population listened to music via downloading “illegally”.  Digital music piracy was rampant around the world. In the early 2000s, most […]

Black Girl Magic

Brown Skin Girl Previous Next #BlackGirlMagic. #BlackGirlsRock. #MelaninPoppin. #BlackBeauty.  These are just a few of the hashtags that have been used in the last decade to describe Black Women. Not only have these hashtags been used in social media images such as Instagram and Twitter but they have also been used in music. The hip-hop […]

Musiq Soulchild

Lets Talk About : Musiq Soulchild Taalib Johnson better known as Musiq Soulchild was born and raised in  Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Being deeply inspired by 1970s soul and funk performers such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and even George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic, Johnson named himself Musiq Soulchild to show respect to those that paved the way […]