Let’s Get Funky!!!

What is Funk Music? Funk music was created in the mid 1960s . This genre of music can be described as jazz, soul, rhythm, and blues. One of the most known funk artists you will hear is James Brown. His music was very funky and made you want to get up out of your seat […]


Introduction to Techno Music Techno music originates from Detroit, Michigan during the 1980s. Techno music can be described as a blend of different black styles of music such as funk and jazz. It is also repetitive instrumental music. This genre is like no other genre because it is created off of computers. You may be […]

Hip- Hop All Around

Origin of Hip- Hop Hip – Hop is the most listened to genre of this century. The history of rap music has its roots since the days of slavery.  This form of music was an outlet originally for the pain and suffering experienced by slaves. Although rap music has been around for centuries, it made […]

Who is the real king of R&B?

Who is Bobby Brown? Robert Barisford Brown better known as Bobby Brown was born on February 5, 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts. He had a rough upbringing as a child. He fell in love with music at the age of three with James Brown being his idol. He joined the church choir and this is where […]

Stevie Wonder

Who is Stevie Wonder? Stevland Hardaway Morris was born on May 13, 1950. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan. He was born earlier than his due date and because of this reason he was born blind. As he started his music career he began to go by the name of Stevie Wonder. He began is […]

Old Gospel vs. New Gospel

What is Gospel music? When I think of Gospel music I think of feel good music. These songs you hear in church or on the radio while you drive in the car. These songs can make me feel the spirit. Gospel has been influenced by jazz, rock, and pop. The most important thing about gospel […]

Black and Blues

History of Blues Blues was originally slave music was first hymns & work songs. It Gradually it became reworked into an original form of expression. This genre is created out of anguish, honesty, talent and self expression “the blues” arrived. The blues did not get its name until the 20th century. W.C. Handy is the […]

The Elegant and Radiant Ella Fitzgerald

Background Information on Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald is known as the “Queen of Jazz.” She was born on April 25, 1918 in Virginia. She moved to New York at a young age. She loved to dance and sing as a young child. Since she had such a passion at a young age this lead her […]

The Joyous Jubilee Quartet

Who was the Jubilee Quartet? The Jubilee Quartet originates from Norfolk, Virginia. They come on to the scene in about 1931. The group consists of four members who attended Booker T. Washington High School. The members of this included Willie Johnson, William Landford, Henry Owens, and Orlandus Wilson. The beginning of the Jubilee Quartet This […]

Negro Spirituals

What are Negro Spirituals? Negro Spirituals came after the creation of folk music. Negro Spirituals came from slaves during the time of enslavement. These spirituals were sang in the fields and at religious services. These songs were symbols pf what they endured during such a dreary time. These songs gave them a since of freedom […]

Folk: The Beginning

The Origin and Influences of Folk Music Folk music is one of the first genres of music that black people were exposed to. This genre was started in parts of Africa, and when the slave trade took place the music made its way to America. The Elements of Folk Music Patting Juba: this element can […]