Evolution of Funk

Evolution of Funk What was Funk Music ? Funk music has a groovy urban dance style sound that was most popular in the ’70s and ’80s. However, it was first created around the early ’60s and was developed from jazz. It was meant to be more modern jazz mixed with soul music, something you would […]


MOTOWN About Motown… Motown was an R&B and soul record label founded by Berry Gordon Jr. Motown is one of the most influential record labels ever, influencing musical styles and culture for years. Motown was the most successful soul music record label. It has artists like Smoky Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, The Supremes, Michael […]

Known to be the Best Artists of Her Time: Bessie Smith

Known to be the Best Artists of her time: Bessie Smith Who was Bessie Smith ? Bessie Smith was born as Elizabeth Smith, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Growing up, Bessie would sing on street corners and find places in the south to perform. She was striving to be a blues singer. Eventually, Bessie’s performances rose her […]

One of the Most Influential Women to Ragtime: Winifred Atwell

Winifred Atwell Who was Winifred Atwell ? Winifred Atwell was a pianist from Trinidad and Tobago. She came from a family of Pharmacists, and at first thought she would carry on to doing pharmacy as well, but she went for her passion for music and had taken piano lessons. Winifred noticed and acted on her […]

Jubilee Quartets: The Soul Stirrers

The Soul Stirrers Who were they and what were Jubilee Quartets ? The Soul Stirrers were a gospel quartet group, formed in Trinity, Texas. Their music had a massive impact on modern soul music and gospel. Their music was very modern for its time; it did not sound like the traditional jubilee style. Jubilee quartet […]

The Beginning of The Black Church

THE INVISIBLE CHURCH During the Great Awakening, which was during the 1700s, when many slaves converted to Christianity. Most of them had witnessed white church services but did not agree with how they saw white people worshiping and felt they could not express the way they liked to worship either. During slavery in the United […]


African Culture Told Through Folk Music WHAT IS FOLK MUSIC & IT’S ORIGINS Folk music is a type of traditional style of music that tells a story. Folk music first originated in Africa, and has been passed down through generations. Africans used folk music to express their culture and experiences. One of the many ways […]