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Rhythm & Blues

Motown Records 01.12.1959 Music and Musicians Who Founded Motown? On January 12, 1959, a young African-American songwriter from Detroit named Berry Gordy founded the company

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Amaya Hinds

Amaya Hinds Black Music Scholar Compilation of Blog Posts, Videos, and Biographies. Artist Biography Blog Posts Ragtime Group Video Final Testimony Over the course of

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Go DJ, That’s My DJ

What is techno without… Techno king 01 about Juan Atkins Juan Atkins, a member of the Bellville three, is one of the main proponents and

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HipHop, Rap & All That

Hip-Hop, Rap & All That’ Hip-Hop and Rap are the two most important cultural genre’s of music. In order to fully understand, what and who

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Disco All The Way

Four On The Floor Element of Disco 1970’s What is Disco? Disco as a genre emerged out of an urban culture in the early 1970s.

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The Blind Boys of Alabama

Eric Mckinnie, Jimmy Carter, Clarence Fountain, Bishop Billy Bowers. Blind Boys of Alabama The Blind Boys of Alabama are an all men gospel group that

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Where Spirituals Were “Sang”

Invisible Church Background After years of being enslaved, and generations transcending, African Americans began to pay particular attention to religion. Upon being brought from their

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