Black and Blues


Rhythm & Blues

Motown Records 01.12.1959 Music and Musicians Who Founded Motown? On January 12, 1959, a young African-American songwriter from Detroit named Berry Gordy founded the company “Motown Records Corporation.” As a man of vision, drive, talent and determination, Berry Gordy was also a producer, innovative entrepreneur, and teacher. Under his leadership, and through determination and support […]

Amaya Hinds

Amaya Hinds Black Music Scholar Compilation of Blog Posts, Videos, and Biographies. Artist Biography Blog Posts Ragtime Group Video Final Testimony Over the course of this Survey of African American music class, I have learned much about the history of African American music. Before taking this course, I was not as educated on the development of […]

Go DJ, That’s My DJ

What is techno without… Techno king 01 about Juan Atkins Juan Atkins, a member of the Bellville three, is one of the main proponents and pioneers of techno music. He was born in Detroit in 1962, and at early age, learned to play bass, drums and a bit of guitar. Atkins went to the same […]

HipHop, Rap & All That

Hip-Hop, Rap & All That’ Hip-Hop and Rap are the two most important cultural genre’s of music. In order to fully understand, what and who Hip-Hip/ Rap is, one must first know of the artists who have helped to create it. This Black Music Scholar blog post will introduce to you 10 of many iconic […]

Disco All The Way

Four On The Floor Element of Disco 1970’s What is Disco? Disco as a genre emerged out of an urban culture in the early 1970s. Discos had been quietly serving its core audience for years. They originated as settings where one could dance to recorded music. The DJ deploying two turntables, a mike, and a […]

The Legacy of Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Ermias Asghedom Abstract Each person who leaves this earth, leaves behind a legacy. Whether the legacy is big or small, it is a unique way of remembrance. In this biography, the legacy of Ermias Nipsey Hussle Asghedom will be remembered. Details about his background, childhood, struggles, education, achievements, and life experiences will be […]

“Georgia Tom”: Head of Gospel

Thomas Dorsey Before getting into the life of Dorsey, let’s give credit where it’s due! Without Thomas Dorsey, there would be no Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Whitney Houston or Kirk Franklin. Thomas Dorsey was a man who found himself conflicted between the work of man God and the work of man. By obeying the voice […]

Duke.. Duke…. Duke Ellington?!!

Facebook Twitter Google-plus When thinking about jazz, people sometimes tend to just think of the sound of the music rather than the musician who created it. However you CANNOT disregard one of the best Jazz Musicians in History!! Ladies and Gentlemen… Early Life Edward Kennedy Ellington was born April 29, 1899, in Washington, D.C. and […]

The Blind Boys of Alabama

Eric Mckinnie, Jimmy Carter, Clarence Fountain, Bishop Billy Bowers. Blind Boys of Alabama The Blind Boys of Alabama are an all men gospel group that originated in Alabama in the 1930’s.  BackGround The Blind Boys of Alabama are an all men Gospel group that first originated in the 1930’s. In their first days of singing, […]

Where Spirituals Were “Sang”

Invisible Church Background After years of being enslaved, and generations transcending, African Americans began to pay particular attention to religion. Upon being brought from their African homeland to the Americas, Africans followed practices and rituals of their own. However, owners of the enslaved did not appreciate such a form of religious independence.Therefore, because African Americans […]

Ole Folk Music: African-American Edition

Ole Folk Music: African-American Edition . Origin and Influence In the early 16th century Africans were subbjected to a European way of living. They were forced into a Westernized Society which viewed them as less of what they were. Because of this, African’s were forced into slavery where they were further described as the “White […]