R&B Is Where its at!

R&B a genre many of us love! But where are the women! My piece is drawn in majority cool colors, most colors people would associate with men. Thats true! Majority of the artist and songs on the page are created and sang by men. My question is where are the women, in the best hits […]

Soul, Techno, Gospel, Funk.. Oh My!

This photo was a creation by me, upon the genres of Soul, Funk, Gospel, Funk, Disco and R&B. In the center top part of the piece you see a 5 dollar bill as well as a 10 dollar bill, underneath both of them is the statement, ” But We Need Our Money” and underneath that […]

Who’s got SOUL? You got soul!

Soul Soul music derived from in the 1950s from the sounds and tunes from the blues. During the mid 1960’s when it made its transition into being the genre of soul and became popular in the 1970s. Soul music has a timbre that makes its audience feel relaxed and calm but still engaging. The traditional […]

“It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got that Swing “

Jazz Jazz originated out of the rise of many other genres such as ragtime, blues, European classical music, African American religious music and musical theater in the home of New Orleans. New Orleans was special because of its diverse population of Creoles, Spanish and French in addition to immigrants from caribbean islands. Jazz has swing: […]

Afro-American Symphony-William Grant Still

Afro-American Symphony by William Grant Still’s I had the opportunity to listen to the influential classical composer, William Grant Still’s Afro-African Symphony. I enjoyed this piece as it gave two different type of emotions. In the beginning of the video the Timbre is cheerful and upbeat feeling to it, as the video continues by the […]

What is Classical Music?

Classical Music Classical music came about for African Americans a little bit before The Civil War. In certain slaves states lied the few classically trained African Americans who worked professionally, and this number increased once emancipation took place. A selected few were able to study at universities to learn to write in larger musical forms […]

Artist Biography- Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross Arnold, Chuck. “Luther Vandross.” People Weekly, vol. 56, no. 3, 2001, pp. 35–35. Seymour, Craig. Luther : The Life and Longing of Luther Vandross. 1st ed. ed., HarperEntertainment, 2004. Waldron, Clarence. “Luther Vandross.” Jet, vol. 105, no. 3, 2004, pp. 58–63.

Ragtime- An Upbeat and Joyful Style

Ragtime The genre of Ragtime gained popularity between 1896 to 1920, with the increase use of sheet music. During slavery, upper-class white often plantation owners made their slaves dance, with that the best couple of slaves who performed the best got a prize usually a cake. The music they danced to was Ragtime, they often […]

Blues- Southern Roots

          It was said around the time of 1890s in the deep south began the spread of a Blues. Throughout the cities of New Orleans, Memphis and St. Louis a new type of song that often expressed African American attitudes through lyrics. Often in blues lyrics there is emotion and feelings […]

Commodification- The Recognition We Never Received

Commodification African American Blues is a genre that contains elements from negro spirituals and folk music. The artists who influenced the genre of blues never obtained the true recognition they deserved.  The creativeness and uniqueness of the genre was taken  by European artists and created and claimed as Rock and Roll.  From that more artists […]

A Unique Style of Music-Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Quartets   Jubilee Quartets made its rise post slavery in between the time of the great depression. This unique type of singing , “evolved as a sub-genre of gospel music” and usually consists of four to six group members who were mainly men. This group usually sings with very little to no instruments making […]

The History Behind Folk Music

Folk  Within the genre of Folk we decided to focus on the call-response style of music. Call-response-  “ A song structure or performance practice in which a singer or instrumentalist  makes a musical statement that is answered by soloist, instrumentalist or group. The statement and answer sometimes overlap. Also called antiphony and call-and-response.” The history […]

Negro Spirituals- “Roll Jordan Roll”

Spirituals   Spirituals are often mistaken for hymns, but they are actually performance styles that are associated with hymns and psalms. This performance style of song was introduced to African enslaved people by way of Christianity by European missionaries. Spirituals were the earliest form of religious music to develop amongst African Americans. It is a […]

Alexa Johnson’s IME

My name is Alexa Johnson I am a Sophomore transfer student here at Spelman college. I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan who is looking to study Political Science with the hopes of being a future attorney. When discussing my mindset I think of myself as someone who is always ready to grow, and learn and just […]