Swing Jazz

Swing Swing Jazz was a popular form of jazz music in the 30s and 40s derived from New Orleans. Its defined by swing feel, a lilting rhythm style based on a triplet division of the beat, and repetition played by big bands with white male leads but African Americans were the prominent creators and composers. […]

Musical Theater

Musical Theater A genre of drama in which singing and dancing are the most essential parts to telling the story. Musical theater began in Greece about 2.5 thousand years ago but was known as stage performances that included music or dancing. Over the years the performances evolved into what is now known as musical theater. […]


Techno Origin- in the 80s the advancement of technology birthed thisElectronic dance music. It was born in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. The Bellville Three; Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson, 3 African American high school students gave birth to the sound of techno by combining their favoritemusical elements. Characteristics- Techno was derived from […]


Disco Origin- a unique type of dance music emerged centrally in NewYork in the 70s influenced by African American’s and enjoyed by all. The popularity declined in the late 70s. Influenced by funk, pop, and soul. Influencing house music and techno. Characteristics- This genre is of fast tempo in which the drumis the most essential […]

Aint God Good?!..All the time!

Ain’t God Good?! All the time! Origin– gospel music’s is Christian music deeply rooted in African American history and culture stemming from negro spirituals. Gospel dates back to the early 17th century during slavery through the force of Christianity onto the slaves. Characteristics– Gospel music is an influencer and has been influenced gospel possesses melodic […]


Origin- Also called the ‘Coon Song’, 1896-early 20s created in Mississippi & Missouri. Ragtime is a primarily piano style son, directly influenced jazz, originated from work songs that had added embellishments. Ragtime is “it is a syncopated melody played against a strict rhythm accompaniment.” Characteristics- The piano technique consists of each hand doing something different […]


Origin- The blues became popular in the early 20th century and died down in the 1920ish. Blues was classified a work song, meaning African Americans sung the blues while working. This genre was created by black for the expression of grief, and was written to be danced to. Most popular in Mississippi, Memphis and St. […]

Negro Spirituals

Origin Negro spirituals were created by blacks during the time of enslavement. African music and religion was banned, to push Christianity. Slaves adapted using Christian music to express themselves and their faith.  Characteristics The songs were sung most famously by salves who were in the field working. The songs expressed their sorrows of a dreadful […]

Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price And The Sound Of Black Sisterhood

Alexa Fortune-Jones This article talks about how black women used their musical talents to break down social barriers and bring about justice. Marian Anderson was an activist for liberation of black women in the United Sates known for bringing her follow African American women singers up with her. Her performances were her protest towards oppression, […]


In the article African American Legacy by Zoe Watkins Folk music consists of different elements such as call and response, polyrhythms, patting juba, and acceleration. Polyrhythms are when multiple rhythms that contrast are composed to be played or sung at the same time. Patting juba is rhythmic body procession including clapping and stomping. The instrument […]