Marian Anderson is a Womanist- Alana Edmond

Marian Anderson is a WomanistBy Alana Edmond I have never heard of Marian Anderson prior to reading the NPR Article, “Lift Every Voice and Sing  Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price And The Sound Of Black Sisterhood” This question poses the pertinent question, “When will we listen to Black Voices.” The world will never be ready […]

What’s that Smell? It’s Funk! By Alana Edmond

What’s That Smell? It’s Funk! Alana Edmond What is it? Funk is an upbeat, rhythmic genre of dance music noted for its use of syncopated  basslines, electric guitar and drums.  Origins Funk originated from African-American Communities in the 1960s. It is largely derived from soul, jazz, and R&B. James Brown was the pioneer of Funk […]

Black Musical Theater- Alana Edmond

Black Musical Theater by Alana Edmond What is Black Musical Theater? Black Musical Theater refers to African American theatrical performances in the 1900s, which grew popular specifically in New York City.  Origin During the 19th and early 20th century, Black people were often portrayed as extremely racist caricatures such as the use of Black face […]

Hallelujah! Gospel Music by Alana Edmond

Hallelujah! Gospel Music By Alana Edmond What is Gospel? Gospel is a type of sacred Christian music noted for its high energy style, and is predominantly performed by African Americans.   Origin Gospel originates from African American churches in the late 1800s. After emancipation, there were more and more Black churches springing up around the south. […]

Techno…But Make it Jersey: Jersey Club- Alana Edmond

Techno…But Make it Jersey: Jersey Club by Alana Edmond What is Jersey Club? Jersey Club is a subgenre of techno/electro dance music that is known for its breakbeat style, heavy bass, rapid tempos,  adlibs, repetitiveness, call and response, and heavily chopped samples. Jersey Club songs often have corresponding dances to accompany the songs.  Origin Jersey […]

“Country Boy from Tappahannock,” Turned Superstar: Chris Brown

“Country Boy From Tappahannock,” Turned Superstar: By Alana Edmond Methodology I conducted my research for this artist by searching google as well as scholarly databases to find general information on Chris Brown. However, I mainly relied on interviews with Brown via YouTube to get information directly from Brown himself because the majority of the articles […]

Disco- Alana Edmond

Stayin’ Alive through the 70s: DiscoAlana Edmond What is Disco? Disco is a form of nightlife dance music and culture that emerged in the 1970s. This genre is known for its syncopated basslines, synthesizers, electric pianos, and electric guitars which derived from funk. Moreover, many popular dances emerged from disco music and culture. Origin Disco […]

Jazz Fusion and Black Intellectualism- Alana Edmond

What is Jazz Fusion?  Jazz Fusion, or “Jazz Rock,” is a subgenre of Jazz developed in the late 1960s that blends traditional sounds of jazz with rock, funk, and R&B. Jazz Fusion Characteristics Jazz fusion incorporates traditional jazz instruments such as the trumpet, saxophone, however, Jazz Fusion is less likely to use a piano found […]

Ragtime- Alana Edmond

What is Ragtime?  Ragtime is a genre of African American Music that peaked between 1895-1919. It is known for its syncopated style.  Origin  Do not be fooled, Ragtime is an AFRICAN AMERICAN genre of music. Because this style became so commercially popular, it had been appropriated, but it has its origins in African American communities […]

Jubilee Quartets: 6 Groups That Shaped the Genre- Alana Edmond

Fisk Jubilee Singers Formed in 1871. The Fisk Jubilee SIngers were the pioneer group of the Jubilee Quartet genre. Consisting of students at Fisk University, the group formed to raise money for their school. They became an internation sucess through their a capella renditions of Negro Spitiuals.Learn MoreNorfolk Jubilee QuartetThe Norfolk Jubilee Quartet was one […]

The Genre of Many Emotions: Blues- Alana Edmond

Blues: The Genre of Many Emotions- Alana Edmond Origin Blues originated in the deep south, particularly from the Mississippi Delta in the early 20th century, and developed largely from folk music sung by enslaved African Americans while they toiled under the sun.  Characteristics Blues is typically music that sings about…well, the blues! Blues tends to […]

The Legacy of Negro Spirituals- Alana Edmond

What Is a Negro Spiritual?  A Negro Spiritual is a genre of sacred music whose lyrics combine Christian values with the tribualtions of slavery. Origins The Negro Spiritual genre derived from enslaved Africans on plantations in the 18th century. Enslaved Africans were not allowed to practice their own religions during slavery, so they were forced to […]

Folk Article Review- Alana Edmond

Folk Music Review- Alana Edmond The article titled, “The History of Folk Music” by A’Shiah N. explains the origins, elements, social implications and notable performers associated with the genre of Folk Music. This article effectively and concisely breaks down the history of Folk Music into an easy to understand article that is ideal for beginners […]