Author: Alana Edmond

Black Musical Theater- Alana Edmond

Black Musical Theater by Alana Edmond What is Black Musical Theater? Black Musical Theater refers to African American theatrical performances in the 1900s, which grew popular specifically in New York City.  Origin During the 19th

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Hallelujah! Gospel Music by Alana Edmond

Hallelujah! Gospel Music By Alana Edmond What is Gospel? Gospel is a type of sacred Christian music noted for its high energy style, and is predominantly performed by African Americans.   Origin Gospel originates from African

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Disco- Alana Edmond

Stayin’ Alive through the 70s: DiscoAlana Edmond What is Disco? Disco is a form of nightlife dance music and culture that emerged in the 1970s. This genre is known for its syncopated basslines, synthesizers, electric

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Ragtime- Alana Edmond

What is Ragtime?  Ragtime is a genre of African American Music that peaked between 1895-1919. It is known for its syncopated style.  Origin  Do not be fooled, Ragtime is an AFRICAN AMERICAN genre of music.

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