Author: Alexia Khalil


Origin Techno originated in the mid 1980’s in Detroit, Michigan. Using a computerized sound, techno is usually associated with dance music in clubs. In this

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It’s Time To Get Funky

The Beginning of Funk Party music, later referred to as Funk, became popular in the 70’s although emerged in the late 1960’s. Using elements from

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Gospel: Then and Now

Gospel Compare and Contrast To start off with the most obvious observation, both songs, “Going Up Yonder” by Walter Hawkins and The Love Center

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Black n’ Blues

Let’s get into the Blues Years following the end of the slavery epidemic in America, the music genre, Blues, began to boom. African Americans, no

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The Birmingham Sunlights

The Birmingham Sunlights consist of five members, James Taylor, Wayne Williams, Bill Graves, Steve Taylor and Barry Taylor. Adopting their quartet-style from Alabama’s Jefferson County region, the

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