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Whitney Houston Outline

Outline Title: The Life and Legacy of the Legendary Whitney Houston I. Introduction: A. Thesis Statement: Through delving into the life of Whitney Houston, her

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Whitney Houston Bibliography

Bibliography Roberts, Robin. “Whitney Houston 1963–2012.” Popular Music and Society 35, no. 5 (2012): 701-02. doi:10.1080/03007766.2012.703511. Shelton, M. “Whitney is Every Woman?: Cultural Politics and

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All About that Jazz

Jazz is distinguished by the originality of its improvisation, syncopation, swing, blues feeling, and harmonic complexity. Societal forces that have shaped the history of jazz

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Let’s Get Classical With It

Before the Civil War, there were a few classically trained African American composers who worked professionally in the United States. They received their formal instruction

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The Era of Ragtime

Ragtime music was popular from 1896 to 1920. Ragtime has African American musical roots. It exemplifies duality between written music and oral tradition, between early

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Amber Jones-IME

My name is Amber Jones. I am a junior psychology major from Columbia, South Carolina. I am interested in going to law school after graduating

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