The Evolution of Techno

Electronic or techno music began to make way in the late 60’sMany musical pioneers began to develop electronic instruments; a sound thathad never really been heard or implemented before. Electronic instruments that began to make way and gainedpopularity included electronic drums, turntables, and polyphonic synthesizers. As a result of this new and unique genre and […]

The Grey Area in Jazz Music

Jazz music experienced a great increase in popularity in the 1920’s due mostly to the release of recordings. Many black jazz musicians were exploited by white people in the music industry who took credit for all the hard work and talent provided by the black artists. Black people, innovators and inventors within African American culture […]

Sippin’ on Blues: The Story of Sippie Wallace

Blues, a genre permeated with male authority, needed a bit of shaking up and the women of blues knew just how to do it. Female artists such as Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Sippie Wallace, Bessie Smith, Memphis Minnie, Ma Rainey, Mamie Smith, and countless others – known or barely known, gave Blues music a fearless twist […]

Billie “Lady Day” Holiday

Thesis Billie Holiday, also known as Lady Day, lived a life of great trial and triumph as she graced the world with her moving vocals, hard-hitting delivery, and soul-touching lyrics. On many occasions, Holiday’s story is misconstrued as one of only beauty and excellence while others solely paint it as one of pain and misfortune. […]

Is R&B Dead?

Many people today, consisting of artists, fans, and musical connoisseurs, have a strong belief that the genre of R&B is officially dead and gone with no means of returning to its former glory. Many consider R&B to be the holy grail of music thus putting all other genres of music to shame. R&B tends to […]

The Great Speaking in Tongues Debate

Speaking in tongues is a part of what we today consider old means of praise and worship. There is great debate amongst Christians; some who say that speaking in tongues is an “old-school” tradition and label it as archaic while there are those Christians in modern day who consider speaking in tongues to still hold […]

The Intertwining of Jubilee and Gospel

The most popular form of group singing since the start of the Twentieth Century is secular and religious quartet singing. Black quartet arrangements continue to hold major influence and significance on the evolution of modern day music. The jubilee style of music originated in the choirs of southern Black institutions and colleges and as a […]

Negro Spirituals: The Great Awakening and The Invisible Church

Negro Spirituals originated from the hearts, minds, and souls of Africans who were captured and soon after sold into slavery. As a result of being stripped away from their land and being sold, many Africans were robbed of their cultures, families, and languages. The one thing that the slaves held on to that could never […]

Odetta Holmes and the Force of Folk Music

Folk music, a staple of the earliest African musical traditions and the blueprint for a vast majority of modern music, has single handedly produced some of the greatest pioneers, artists, and civil activists.   Odetta Holmes (December 31, 1930-December 2, 2008), known also as Odetta and “The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement”, began drawing […]