Jubilee Quartets: The Road to Representation

What is a Jubilee Quartet? The word “Jubilee” of “Jubilee Quartet” derives from the biblical phrase, “Year of the Jubilee” where African American enslaved people were set “free”. The Quartets were traditionally comprised of four individuals that sang four different harmonies; the first bass, second bass, first tenor, and second tenor. Although the quartet meant […]

The Blues-The Exploration of the Black Woman with Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey 1886-1939 Ma Rainey, the “Mother of Blues” Ma Rainey was a Blues singer who was active from the years 1899-1939. She was a prominent figure amongst the Black music industry as she was known as “The Mother of Blues”. Ma Rainey’s voice carried a unique and deep tone. Her music was thought of […]

Negro Spirituals : The Effect on African American Faith and Perseverance

Negro Spirituals were songs that were sang firstly by enslaved individuals. These songs were used to amplify the voices of the marginalized while bringing faith to the enslaved. Being that enslaved people were not allowed to read or write, Negro Spirituals have been said to come from biblical scriptures and stories that became songs that […]

A Look Into Ragtime

Ragtime was originally known as “ragging,” before it got its name. Due to this, the music was thought of as a genre in  “ragged time.” The name of this type of music was curated  towards the end of the 1890’s.  Ragtime can be described as a mix of jazz and classical music which included both […]

Ari Lennox

by Avane Ervin Courtney Shanade Salter“Ari Lennox” Courtney Shanade Salter also known as “Ari Lennox” is an American lyricist, singer, songwriter, and social media influencer. She was born in Northern Virginia on March 26, 1991 and later moved to Washington D.C., where she spent most of her childhood and adolescent years. She began singing in […]

Artist Paper Sources

Avane Ervin Artist Paper Sources- Ari Lennox “Ari Lennox: Biography & History.” AllMusic, www.allmusic.com/artist/ari-lennox-mn0003462621/biography.   Hyman, Dan. “Ari Lennox Is Anxious To Drop Her Debut: ‘It’s Time’.” Billboard, 25 Apr. 2019, www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/8506731/ari-lennox-shea-butter-baby-debut-interview.     Flynn, Liz, et al. “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ari Lennox.” TVOvermind, 3 Oct. 2019, www.tvovermind.com/ari-lennox/.     Martin, Michel, […]

Funk: Getting Socially Active with James Brown

by Avane Ervin The mid-1960’s was the place to be as a Black person. Toward the end of the Civil Rights Movement, more artists were celebrating the idea of being Black in America- a place where Black people were considered outcasts. James Brown began his music career in the mid 1950’s when Black people were […]

Feeling Soulful with Al Green

Al Green- A Soulful Spirit Al Green was an African American singer, songwriter, and record producer who partook in the genre of “Soul”. His music was widely listened to in the 1970’s as it ranged from topics of love, romance, pain, family, finances and personal experiences. His music was thought of as “food for the […]

Gospel: Food for the Soul

By Avane Ervin What is Gospel Music? Gospel Music has been around since the early nineteenth century. During the beginning years of Gospel music, European Americans and Black Americans have used Gospel songs in mostly churches as a form of Christian music that celebrates God, Jesus, and everything under religion. Gospel music can be thought […]

Jazz: A New Orleans Staple

by Avane Ervin The New Beat Jazz in New Orleans is a popular rhythmic genre as it keeps communities rich in culture.  New Orleans culture and history contributed to the early stages of jazz as different ethnic groups brought their own unique spins to create a more lively and upbeat jazz genre.  Charles “Buddy” Bolden- […]

Nina Simone: The Liberating Voice for Her People

The Voice Eunice Kathleen Waymon, popularly known as Nina Simone, was a famous jazz, blues, classical, folk, R&B, and gospel songstress of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Nina Simone was also known for her contributions to the Civil Rights Movement as she was an activist who believed in the uplifting of Black people through music and […]