What is Hip-Hop Really? An Interactive Video Tour

This is a video tour of the development of Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop then and especially Hip-Hop now. But first a little information on the background of Hip-Hop. P.S. Yes I used one of your videos Dr. Johnson, think of it as a compliment to your teaching lol. Origin and Influences Hip-Hop began in minority communities in […]

Blues and Black, Blacks and Blue

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiJrBgbwsJwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJm3YGAwPUM Origins and Influences The origin of blues is in the deep South, one of the first accounts of hearing the deep sounds was in Mississippi. The main influence on the genre is clearly folk music, this is especially clear when it comes to the instruments used when the genre was first established. There are […]

Final Exam Post

Why I, Alexus Echols, Shouldn’t Have To Take The Final There are many reasons why a scholar such as myself should not have to take the final. However, for the sake of simplicity I will mention three. The first reason is that if I don’t have to take the final, you will not have to […]

Blacks Did That? : Techno Music

ORIGIN AND INFLUENCES Techno is often called Detroit Techno, I’m assuming you can guess why. That’s right, Techno music originated in Detroit in the early 1980s. In fact, the three people credited with developing the genre the most Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, all grew up in the same city in Detroit, Belleville. […]

King Records: R&B Ally

Where Ya From? Origin and Influences “I couldn’t see so why bother?”, this is Syd Nathan’s response to dropping out of school in the ninth grade. Nathan, a ninth-grade dropout would go on to found arguably the most influential record label in the United States and the genre of R&B. He launched the supposed country […]

CANNONBALL! … Adderley

Where Did Cannonball Adderley Come From: Origin and Influences Cannonball was born in Tampa, Florida. His given name was Julian Edwin Adderley. He was inspired by many great artists including the likes of Benny Carter. Although, it could be said that his main influence was his father who, along with Julian’s mother, taught at Florida […]

Then vs. Now: Surely God Is Able vs. The Gift

Surely God Is Able by Marion Williams and The Ward Singers Sample Lyrics Don’t you know God is able (he’s able) He’s able (he’s able) He’s able (he’s able) He’s able God is able … He’ll be your friend When you are friendless He’s a mother For all the motherless He’s a father For all […]

The Spirit of my People: Negro Spirituals

Origins and Influences Negro spirituals originated in the slave populations of America. As one can imagine it is very hard to pinpoint an exact location and time of origin as Negro spirituals were not recorded and were given like gifts from generation to generation by word of mouth. The genre was clearly influenced by the […]

Norfolk Jazz & Jubilee Quartet

Origin and Influences The Norfolk Jazz and Jubilee quartet was founded in Virgin around 1919. They were influenced by the sounds of their region as well as the scat like jazz that was emergent at the time of their performances. Click Here As was clear by their abilities to perform as a jubilee quartet, jazz […]

How To Steal a Genre for Dummies :African American Folk Music

“Now that you have complete control of the creators (therefore knowing where it originated from), have studied the elements, and made the genre hard to express as one’s own you are on your way to effectively stealing a genre. What comes next is making a profit off of the stolen goods.”