Birmingham Jubilee Singers

ORIGINS The Jubilee Quartet Style began after negro spirituals were made popular in the United States. One of the jubilee quartets that will be highlighted is the Birmingham Jubilee Singers. First created in 1926 this group much like other Jubilee Quartets if the time was all male and unaccompanied by any instruments. From the repertoire […]

Where it really started: Negro Spirituals

Origins of the Negro Spiritual Negro Spirituals go as far back as slavery in the southern region of the United States. These folk songs were the interpretation of the Christian faith that was imposed on enslaved Africans. There was concert negro spirituals that was later performed by Fisk Jubilee Choir and others to follow. Unlike […]

African-American Folk Music

Origins of Folk Music People of African descent have impacted the music culture in the Western Hemisphere. All of the music in the black community stems from the time of Negro Spirituals/ Folk Music. This genre of music was birthed out of slavery and early colored work gangs. While working in the fields or during […]