Def Jam Records

Hip-Hop in the mid’80’s Russel Simmons grew up in Queens, New York. As a college student he discovered the market potential of hip-hop, so he formed his own hip-hop business. This was called Russ Management. His best client was Run-D.M.C. This group was a trio comprised of Jospeh “Run” Simmons (his brother), Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, […]

Derrick May

Who is Derrick May? Early Life May was born in Detroit in 1963. By the age of 13, he attended school in the suburbs of Belleville, Michigan. This is where he met Juan Atkins. They soon began to exchange mixtape. This is when May was introduced to a wide range of music including George Clinton’s […]

Post Portfolio: Kelly Rowland

An Artist Post on: Kelly Rowland Audra Davison Biography Kelly Rowland was born on February 11, 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. At a young age, she started singing; she was inspired by Whitney Houston. Following her interest in singing, she began singing in her church’s choir. However, once she moved to Houston, Texas, she befriended Beyoncé […]

A Dive into the History of Funk

Where did Funk Come From? James Brown was a Blues, R&B and Soul singer in 1950. By the mid 1960s, he was named the godfather of Blues. However, he left Soul and started sing funk. He started with his song “Cold Sweat”. In the song, he turned the whole band into a drum and emphasized […]

The Evolution of Gospel Music (from 1975 to 2014)

This is an examination of the evolution of Gospel Music across the span of several decades. This article will execute this by comparing “Take Me Back”, gospel song by Andraé Crouch, and “Perfect People” song by gospel group the Walls Group. Designer Interesting Facts about the Gospel Genre There are considered to be two types […]

Bo Diddley

Who was Bo Diddley? Ellas McDaniel, professionally known as Bo Diddley was a crossover artist. He played the guitar with a drum like rhythm. Bo Diddley’s appearance on the Ed Sullivan show helped put Chess Records, his recording label based in Chicago, on the map for R&B artists and R&B music. Background Story Bo Diddley […]

Black And Blues – Audra Davison

The Blues Originated after Slavery After the Emancipation Proclamation of 1865 in which emancipated all black slaves from slavery, the blues genres found its roots from secular folk music. In the 1900s, Blues was born. It created a new language for African Americans, as they were 1st person narratives about moving on from slavery and […]

All About Wynton Marsalis

Who is he? Wynton Marsalis was born on October 18, 1961 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, Marsalis is a world-renowned composer, educator, and musician. And he is specifically known for his skillful trumpet playing. Although he has performed several different genres of music including classical and quartet, this article will focus on his performance in […]

The Jubilaires

What Elements Did they Use? The Jubilaires were a quartet which is an ensemble of four voices. They used a jubilee style of singing. So, they were a jubilee quartet and this means that they sung sacred texts in moderate tempo. They also sung in a close four-part harmony. Furthermore, they were a  gospel quartet […]

African American Spirituals: The Invisible Church

African American Spirituals: The Invisible Church by: Audra Davison A Breakdown of a few Elements in Spirituals Hymns were songs sung by African American slaves that usually have eight bars of rhyming couplets. These lyrics are based on scriptures from the Bible. The call-response is also a concept commonly used in Spirituals. They consisted of […]

A Submersion Into African American Folk Music

A Submersion Into African American Folk Music by: Audra Davison  Folk Music Elements One key element of folk music is the polyrhythms, which is the switching or overlapping of phrases and rhythms played or sung. This relates to the call response style of folk music, where a soloist makes a musical statement that is answered […]

Audra Davison

My name is Audra Davison. And I am a first year, English Major from Atlanta Georgia.