Hip Hop Poster and Explanation

By AnnaLiza Carey This is the poster I created to symbolize hip-hop as a civilization, genre, and a movement. I researched who some of the arguably most influential and popular hip-hop artists of all time are and created a word cloud in the shape of a heart with a hole in the center with red, […]

Explanation of 1960-1980 Poster

  I created this poster in an attempt to caput the music of African American artists between the years 1960 to 1980s. I chose to use the image of a studio in the background because I wanted to have the background of the place in where music, change, and work was done by African American […]

Earth, Wind, and Fire Concert Review

The following are the notes that I took while enjoying Earth, Wind, and Fire’s performance at the Greek Theatre in Chicago: The first song has a clear B section that separates the melody at the beginning and the end. THe performance showcases the vocals as second to the instruments and the accompaniment. There are a […]

Keep it Classy: An Overview of Classical Music and the Black Contribution

by AnnaLiza Carey The classical music genre evolved from the baroque genre in Europe, from the mid-1700s to 1820. Classical music, in its origin, is dominated by European composers and was heavily influenced by Classical Greece and Rome, thus contributing to the naming of the genre. Classical is recognizable by its single melodies played by […]

Ragtime: Happy Music with a Dark Past

By AnnaLiza Carey The origins of ragtime extend far beyond the ice cream truck theme song which has continued to popularize its sound for generations to come. In the 1600s, secular instrumental music produced by African Americans began to circulate in the form of syncopated dance music. By the 1890s this new sound evolved into […]

Reparations are due: Commodification of the African Diaspora

AnnaLiza Carey In the beginning of this course,  I did not know the extent of how frequently the African diaspora had been disenfranchised of music, style, and creative content. I knew that White groups and performers often borrow from our music or cover songs, but the profit and notability they were able to reap from […]

Jubilee Quartet Music: Then and Now

African American sacred tradition is a strong pillar in the evolution of African influence on music in the US and at the root of several genres. Folk spirituals in the 1800s evolved into arranged spirituals of the 1870s which, after the emergence of Folk gospel and gospel hymn from the 1890s to 1900, eventually led […]

The True Origin of Folk

by AnnaLiza Carey and Katie Eugene In our study of folk music, my partner and I focused on two artists: Elizabeth Cotton and Leadbelly, to understand the influence and style of African American artists in the genre of folk music. There are a number of characteristics that make folk music, folk music. This genre has […]

From the Fields to the Pews: Negro Spirituals and it’s Influence on Gospel

By AnnaLiza Carey and Karlie Eugene My partner and I researched Negro Spirituals and the important milestones in Black history that shaped musical expression. Spirituals were used as an oral tradition to speak about hardships while infusing Christian values. Negro spirituals were traditionally characterized as monophonic or “unison” songs, but today have grown to be […]

AnnaLiza’s IME Post

Hello, my name is AnnaLiza Reeves Carey. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but spent most of my time growing up in New Jersey. I am the youngest of six older siblings. Growing up, my family and I faced a lot of financial and circumstantial hardships, all of which set me on the path to […]