Author: Angela Brown

The Amazing Women in Jazz

Like most things in America, men dominate and rarely leave room for the women. In the beginning, jazz was no different. Luckily, they’re were many talented women who were capable enough to outshine anyone in

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John Coltrane & His Evolution

John Coltrane is one of the most well known musicians in jazz. He was very versatile in his music while also being highly innovative. Playing the saxophone, Coltrane revolutionized jazz constantly in his career through

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Young Lyons

Each era in time has its very own jazz movement. In the ’80s & ’90s, it was called the Young Lions.  Led by Wynton Marsalis and peers, the music of the Young Lions worked to

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Jazz Fusion and Its Influence

Jazz fusion is a genre of music that was fueled by its advancements in music technology. It was a combination of the jazz of its time along with latin, funk, and rock sounds.  Jazz fusion

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