Keb Mo

Kevin Roosevelt Moore is a folk/blues artist that is very prevalent in the African American community. He started his career playing the steel drums in a calypso band. His career started off in the blues genre, but he has since become more of a folk artist. He is known for performing with many well known […]

Gentrification of Detroit Techno-Alanna Brown

To some, the city of Detroit has made major improvements, but to many residents, the city has not made improvements in the right direction. In the 1960’s the Detroit riots began. This was the start of destruction in the city. As time progressed black people were being pushed out of the city by white people […]

What Difference Does It Make?

African American music such as negro spirituals has united black people and created a sense of kinship. Negro spirituals incorporated a sense of community among slaves as they were going through hardships. More specifically speaking, African American music has made major contributions and has really evolved through the years. Rap music specifically has played a […]

Israel Houghton

[embedyt][/embedyt] Born in 1972 in Oceanside, CA Turned to the church because of racial tensions at home felt that the church was the only place that really accepted him blended contemporary gospel with worship music of today created music that people of all races, creeds, and colors could identify with one of the first […]

Tania Leon

[embedyt][/embedyt] Born in Cuba in 1943 renowned educator of the arts integrated political conversations into music known for incorporating multicultural and polystylistic music integrated literature into music and performance guest conductor for orchestras all over the world