The Arts/Classical

During the early 20th century was the emergence of composers who taught at Black universities/colleges, with a few of them winning critical acclaims. Their legacy was then passed down to the next generation during the 60s. Before the Civil War, only  small group of classically trained Black composers worked professionally in America. Most of these […]

Black & Blues

The Blues emerged around the 1890s, stemming from mostly southern states and the Midwest. The geographical hearth area of the blues is the plantation country of the Deep South, stretching from the interior of Georgia to eastern Texas. Most blues singers were born and raised in this region. Its presence was seen almost simultaneously with […]

Jorja Smith Bibliography

Born on June 11, 1997, Jorja Smith was raised in Walsall, West Midlands, England by a Jamaican father and English mother. She also has a younger brother, Luca Smith. Smith began taking piano lessons at the age of eight, with encouragement from her father, who was former musician. She also studied classical music, and learned […]

Mary Lou Williams

Early Beginnings of Born on May 8th, 1910 in Atlanta, Georgia, Mary Lou Williams was considered to be a young musical prodigy. She was trained by her mother, and was playing professionally by the age of seven years old. She would perform in various venues, such as gambling dens and vaudeville stages. She began  performing […]

The Pilgrim Jubilees

Members: Clay Graham Cleve Graham Bobby McDougal Ben Chandler Michael Atkins Eddie Graham Fred Rice Former Members: Elgie Graham Willie Johnson Theophilles Graham Monroe Hatchett Leonard Brownlee Major Roberson Kenneth Madden Richard Crume Percy Clark Roosevelt English Jubilee is a subgenre of gospel music that was established in the 19th century. It originated among the […]


Spirituals were religious songs made by enslaved African Americans, with the earliest documentation dating back to the 18th century. Although a significant amount of slaves had converted to Christianity, the way they interpreted the religion was different from their white counterparts. Spirituals were a symbol of hope and freedom, a conscious effort to be culturally […]

Folk Music

Folk music originated when Africans were brought to America during the Slave Trade. Hymns, rhythms, andsongs were used as coping mechanisms while enduring torturous labor. Folk music was also used as self expression, an outlet for their sorrows and frustration.   Polyrhythm – Some folk music would contain several contrasting rhythms that were played/sung simultaneously. […]