negro spirituals

Negro Spirituals


Dates of creation

Is it a folksong?

Popular Spirituals

Where does the name derive from?


Work songs

Camp meetings

Brush arbor meetings

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Folk Spiritual

Arranged solo spiritual

Arranged Choir Concert Spiritual 

Was there a secret language in the Negro Spiritual (explain use examples)?

What is the Negro Spirituals connection to religion in America?

What is Africanized Christianity?

Is there such a thing as a “white spiritual”?

What is the HBCU connection to the Negro Spiritual?

Who are the noted composers of the Negro Spiritual?

Who are the noted singers of the Negro Spiritual?

Explain how the Negro Spiritual has evolved from 1864 – 2021

Using musical examples and critique.

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Recent Scholarship

Negro Spirtuals

Negro Spirtuals Black churches for many years have served as a place for inspiration for the black community, rooting back to the years of slavery

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Let’s Get Spiritual!

Negro Spirituals Negro spirituals are songs that were created by enslaved people as a form to release their pain, hardship, and struggle that they experienced.

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Negro Spirituals

Origin Negro spirituals were songs created by slaves to express what they were going through and their Christian values. They were often reffered to as

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Negro Spirituals

Origin Negro spirituals were created by blacks during the time of enslavement. African music and religion was banned, to push Christianity. Slaves adapted using Christian

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Negro Spirituals

Origin Negro Spirituals emerged as a reaction to slavery.  Before even reaching America we faced so much pain and turmoil that inhuman isn’t even enough

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