Jazz- Artist List


Scatting, walking bass, glissando (singing one note from another), syncopation, swing, differentiate musical instruments



John Coltrane- My one and only love

Miles Davis- flamenco sketches

Duke Ellington- In a Sentimental Mood

Charlie Parker- Now’s the Time

The components of each song infuses different instruments in each piece. When listening to the songs and seeing it being performed, you can tell there is a musical connection and even a larger connection being reached out to the crowd and within themselves. The songs  by Coltrane, Davis, and Ellington give off a passionate, calm, emotional expression both within themselves and reaching out to the listeners. I feel as these songs are more of an loving type song, to express their love for someone, something, or a forgiveness type feeling.


Anna –

Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Louis Armstrong- What a Wonderful World

Dizzy Gillespie- Manteca


The technical components of Jazz play a large part in the beauty of the genre; but even beyond the technique, there is an even larger connection between the artists. The inspiration for songwriting and composure in Jazz often comes from the lives and experiences of the artists which contributes to the emotion and the passion of the music

(I tried lol if this is too much feel free to change it around)



Billie Holiday- This Year’s Kiss: There is a beautiful instrumental introduction to begin the composition. Throughout the song you can also hear a walking bass which is also a component included in Jazz music. This bass also helps to create a swing which gives the song a Jazz feel as well. Billie Holiday uses her smooth voice to create a Glissando in between notes to create a soothing, enjoyable music experience; A technique used by many Vocal Jazz artist.


Ella Fitzgerald-Cry Me a River: Ella Fitzgerald begins this piece with a deep, soulful Glissando immediately solidifying her beautiful, jazz- inspired vocal ability. She is backed by a steady walking bass and a syncopated percussion. Fitzgerald is also backed by elegant, harmonic, piano keys, as she continues her glissandos in between various, unplanned notes.

Thelonious Monk- Don’t Blame Me: All by himself Thelonious Monk creates the Jazz masterpiece that is “Don’t Blame Me”. By using the lower notes on his piano to create a steady, groovy beat, Thelonious Monk creates his own walking bass. Dissonance and Harmony are joined together to create unplanned yet thoughtful notes. Monk’s notes are syncopated adding the percussion to this song.


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