Artistic Poem


Bebop makes you want to dance 

Go to your local club 

And dance fast 

As fast as you 

Possibly can 

Dance so fast that 

You’re tryna catch 

Your breath from 

Running away 

I’ve been dancing so fast 

For so long 

My dancing is starting 

Really starting to slow 

Slow down  

Now im not  

Dancing anymore 

Now im getting serious 

As we slowly moved 

Rather than dancing 

I’ve begun singing  

Some powerful black 

Black anthems for  

The nation to understand 

Understand what is really happening 

To us in this world 

Now I’m voicing how I  

Want to be treated in this 

So called world 

I’m just trying to be civil 

But they don’t seem to think 

That’s right 

I hope to be happy again 

I want to dance happily again 

Maybe one day have a  

A summer with some soul 

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