An introduction to Rico Nasty, who she is, etc



Artist History

Early years: what artists inspired her to make music like Joan Jett and the Beastie Boys, how her early life was living in DMV, and her significant experiences that drove her to make music like her teenage pregnancy and the early death of her son’s father

Early music: her early sound and shift into a more professional career



Professional Career

How her music is now, her influence, progression of her music, look, signing to Atlantic Records, and working with big producers like Kenny Beats





A discussion on how her sound is amazingly unique and there are few artists I feel compare to her, for she has created a new genre of rap that is a combination of punk rock and rap music



Certified Gold track by the Recording Industry Association of America in June 2020 for her single Smack A B****


Social Involvement




5 mixtapes in high school, released her first mixtape under her new label named Nasty, second mixtape named Anger Management, and her debut studio album in 2020 named Nightmare Vacation



Discuss her impact in rap at such an early age and how she hasn’t even reached her peak yet



Rico Nasty: “I definitely resonate with being a pop-punk princess”


Rico Nasty Is Up All Night