joe budden

Naomi Moss


In this section I will go  into the background of Joe Budden and connect his uprbinging to his music and content. In this section, I will also touch on his influences as they relate to genres we’ve discussed in class.


In this section I will detail Joe Budden’s discography, including his mixtape history and his career as a battle rapper.

life after rap

This section will talk about Joe’s career after “retirement”, which includes his career as a popular voice in the hip hop space.

"I couldn't tell you what the standing is in radio, I'm in the streaming world. I'm in the podcasting world. Radio just sounds archaic almost. It's a never-ending battle. I'm so glad I'm retired so I don't have to see the nonsense."

Joe Budden

"Early on, it was real tough for me to stick to my guns and say 'I'm retired, I'm not rapping, don't ask me for nothing.' But I had to do that because I love rapping and I love music, so if I don't do that, you can't be halfway in it and halfway out."

Joe Budden