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Survey to African American Music
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Uncovering Jazmine Sullivan

This section will be used to talk about Sullivan as an artist, who she is in the media today, and how she impacted her community.

Early Life

This will talk about how she became famous, How she knew she wanted to be a singer, and her childhood life.

Influence/ Musical style

This will talk about why she sings and who or where does she get inspired by and how does that affect her audience.

Personal Life

It will cover her life before the fame. It will recognize all the steps that led her to where she is in life now as an adult. It will focus on her childhood.


Will show performances and tours she has been on and any future tours she might be on. 


Any awards she has won throughout her career span. She has had many hit songs that people listen to all the time and has been on the charts. 

Hit Songs