Stevie Wonder: Inside America's Musiquarium

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Stevie Wonder’s Original Musiquarium served as a collection of brief summary of his music produced in the 1970’s. Similar to a curated museum, or gallery of art; Wonder compiled Musicquarium with the purpose to illuminate his best works with slightly altered mixes and four “new” songs added to the line-up. The term coined “musicquarium.” Although he is highly regarded in the musical realm, Stevie Wonder touched the lives of many in and out of the music industry. He will be highlighted here with a assortment of his greatest accomplishments. Enjoy my personally curated version of a Stevie Wonder Musiquarium!

Thesis Statement


The research displayed in this study surpasses an ordinary biographic study. Stevie Wonder is  a gifted: musician, producer, songwriter, vocalist whose work transmits and uplifts the world. Although, Wonder was blinded at birth, he was never without a vision. His works incorporates a colorful instrumentation while writing texts prevalent to the social ills affecting the world. I titled my paper A View Inside America’s Musicquarium because Wonder’s discography surpassed genres notorious for Black artist like Soul and R&B. Stevie Wonder style did highlight Soul & Funk of the 1960’s and 1970’s, but he dabbled into music styles notable in Gospel, Blues, Pop,  and even Country.   With an comprehensive discussion of Stevie Wonder’s  life, I plan to examine how his life experiences shaped the music he created and how is productions are a living Musicquarium explored by multiple demographics in America. Stevie Wonder’s discography is a reflection on his positionality in America– A “disabled” (by definition) Black man. His works is a mere reflection of struggles and oppression among Black folk, but he offers a way out of darkness with his uplifting and colorful sound enjoyed by people of multiple backgrounds.


Influence To The Non-Musical World

Samples of Wonder's Influence in the Musical World

Discography of the Original Musiquarium (1982)

PowerPoint Presentation

Other Works By the Author

Stevie Wonder

  Motown: Fingertips Pt. 2 (1963)   Jazz: Sir Duke (1976 a tribute to lifelong hero Duke Ellington) Techno: Love Light in Flight (1984)  

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