In the article, Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price And The Sound Of Black Sisterhood, Alisha Lola Jones artfully compares current Black woman led socio political movements to Marian Anderson singing her truth, despite being denied from multiple venues. Marian Anderson used concerts as a medium to amplify Black women’s voices. At one of Marian Anderson’s most famous performances at the Lincoln memorial, she closed with My Soul is Anchored in the Lord composed by fellow Black woman, Florence B Price. She was also intention to emphasize Florence’s name on the program. Often times women are taught to see each other as competitors and that there is not enough space for two prominent Black women in the same field. This act showed solidarity among Black women and acted as a protest in that white space and served as precedent that we must lift each other up. If one person has a platform they must use that platform to elevate the rest of us. Lift every voice is used as a double entendre referring to the song performed by Marian Anderson as well as motto asserting that everyone should feel represented.