Aretha Franklin Bibliography Outline

Aretha Franklin

  • Early Life
    • Born March 25, 1942 (Memphis, TN)
    • Father was a minister (Minister C. L. Franklin)
  • Musical Career
    • Began singing in church
    • First featured on Billboard Hot 100 in January 1961
      • “Won’t Be Long”
    • Albums
  • Awards/Accomplishments
    • Grammys
    • Nominations
  • Personal Life
    • Married Ted White (1961-1969) and Glenn Turman (1978-1984)
    • Has 4 sons
    • Health
      • Weight issues
      • Undisclosed tumor
    • Currently resides in Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Legacy
    • Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
    • Kennedy Center Honoree

-Ivorie Farley-Cook

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