On Saturday December 7, 2019 I had the opportunity of attending the 93rd annual Spelman and Morehouse Christmas carol concert with a few friends. Attending the concert was quite an experience. The carol concert was nothing like I expected it to be. To my surprise the concert carol was extremely packed and everyone showed out. I loved how lovely everyone in the choir was dressed. They were all in unison. The concert began with the performers entering sisters chapel singing. One observation I made was that most of the songs were in Latin which was quite interesting to hear. I was able to recognize a few classmates throughout the performance. Surprisingly I understood a few words since I studied Latin while in high school. For the most part I could not make out what they were saying, however, this did not stop me from enjoying the performance. The ladies sang absolutely beautiful and every note was executed to the tea. When the choir began dancing it was pretty exciting to watch. During the performance they incorporated african drums that was played by Dr. Johnson and a few others. My favorite performance was when the ladies sang “Children go where I send thee.” My favorite part was the rap spin off. The incorporation of the rap executed exceptionally by the young lady   livened up the performance. Personally I would say that the concert carols had a gospel style which was to my liking. I also enjoyed the second part of the concert performed by the men of morehouse. Some of the songs they sang were a bit much more upbeat than the ladies which I appreciated. I was familiar with more of the songs they performed. Overall I would recommend everyone to attend this annual concert at Spelman College. It’s nothing like most carols you would have attended and although it was pretty long it was quite enjoyable. It didn’t meet my expectations nevertheless but I was not disappointed. I am thankful I was able to witness this epic moment and was able to watch my peers participate in it. 

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