And it’s so hard to say goodbye…

Wow! I never thought I’d enjoy this course so much. I am a senior chemistry major that has already fulfilled by fine arts requirement. I took this class to be full time and was honestly dreading it. I ended up loving it. I’ve always felt like such an old soul but Dr. Johnson, you still managed to introduce me to so much old Black music I’d never heard before. I absolutely loved learning new music, new sounds, and the purpose and reasoning behind it. You really know your craft and your people and you had so much unique perspective to offer us as students. I greatly enjoyed the ethical and racial debates that took place during the class and it allowed me to learn about the way I think and my Spelman sisters. Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this semester. I am forever grateful for everything I learned and will never forget this class. I’m so happy I chose this class. Thank you!

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