Welcome to African American music..

By: Amaya Roberts 

African American music can be regarded as a culture that pulls people together in African American communities. Religious gatherings, family get-togethers, and even singing the second version of happy birthday at birthday parties are all examples of this. Music is defined as “home” in African American homes and brings everyone together. In communities, music is made, played, and experienced by participating in a variety of activities such as singing, hand bone technique, and drumming. Words and statements were written with a secret code in mind so that others would not know what was being spoken upon. The timbre of African American music was described as a pleasant tone of musicality, which distinguished it from European music because Europeans did not acknowledge the same value on the sound that African Americans did. Eventually, the Reptitative singing style and the call-and-response technique are two of the most common melodic elements found in African American music. While the call and response strategy was launched, the collaborative approach for these two singing styles would improve the strength of the song.

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