Amariah Sledge IME

Hello, my name is Amariah Sledge. I am a sophomore biology, pre-med major with a minor in public health from Hampton, Virginia. My career goal is to become a reproductive endocrinologist and assist those wanting to start families.

Music runs deep in my family. My great grandfather was a pastor of an AME Church and to this day my grandfather, Henry Porter, sings and plays at that same church. He has been singing in Handel’s Messiah every year since he was 16 years old (he is now 81) and even travels to perform. His passion for music is what inspires me to use it as a way to de-stress and express myself.

So naturally I have been playing instruments since I was six years old. Whether while I was playing clarinet, saxophone (alto & tenor), or piano, I found that music keeps me sane . I look forward to continuing to learn more about music in this new setting.

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