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Techno Techno is a genre that sounds like its name technology. It gives you a feeling of electricity which is what all technology needs. Techno

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Go! Go! Disco

Go! Go! Disco Disco is a form of nightlife dance music that came about in the 1970’s . Disco can be traced back to urban

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Pass the Jazz

Pass the JAZZ Jazz is a music genre that we reviewed in Survey African American Music this semester. Jazz is a genre that originated in

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Graceful Gospel

Graceful Gospel Gospel music is a 1 of the many genres we focused on throughout this semester. Gospel music is one of the easiest genres

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Ragin’ Ragtime

Ragtime 1896-1920 Ragtime is a genre of music that is very interesting to me. This is because it doesn’t seem to have lyrics and it

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Jammin’ Jubilee Quartets

1880-1929 The Jubilee Quartets Published by Amanda Kelley The Jubilee Quartets is personally my favorite music genre we have learned about so far. I love

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