Alyssia Santiago’s IME


Hello all, my name is Alyssia Santiago. I am a senior psychology major from San Antonio, Texas. I grew up as a military brat and traveled around the world. For example I’ve lived in various states and overseas in Turkey. I look forward to the end of the semester and learning all about African American Music in this course.


My mindset is clear cut. I like to think realistically on many of the aspects of my life. I was taught to give 110% on everything that I do and since a young child that has been my mindset when doing any type of work. Though I am a hard worker I take the time out of everyday where I disconnect from the world and be at peace with myself and practice my self-care.


I have little experience with music personally but from 5th to 9th grade I played the clarinet. I love listening to music, I can listen to any genre and be content with it. I have taken a music technology course and learned the production of music. Though I have little musical experience, I am always excited to learn more.


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