Music from Africa to America

By: Allison Carter

The role of music in Communities in Africa

The role of music in African American Communities

One role music plays in the African American community is a reflection of peoples lifestyles and mindsets of many black people through lyrics.

Music is created, performed, and experienced in African and African American communities through numerous ways. Creativity of music in these communities can come from life experiences, fantasies, or just from the heart. This song shown to the right is an example of a song that is created from real life experience.

Music can be performed through instruments, singing, rapping etc. In African they use a method called call and response

Music is often performed in ways such as concerts!

The desired timbre in African American music differs from European-derived music through beats and rhythm. African American music uses strong beat patterns and use of things like ad libs.

European-derived music is more mellow and not as rhythmic compared to black music

The two most common musical structures used in African American music is call-response and polyrhythms. They both reflect the communal and interactive approach to making music because they are both unique to black music and use specific techniques within each structure which defines this particular kind of music