All About The Blues



      Blues music is so beautiful. Not only is the sound beautiful but the history behind it is as well. Some of the artists that were popular in this style include B.B. King, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Lead Belly, and so many more can be added to this list. The blues have a couple of different eras like most music styles do. Starting in 1890 there were the rural blues, going forward in the 1940’s we have urban blues and rhythm and blues. This is even what we listen to now. This music still affects modern-day history. Blues is not only powerful because it is soulful it is powerful because of the message behind the songs, and also the longevity of this style.

The Message:


I am not going to lie before coming to this class I thought most blues music was about money, sex, and even drugs. Well, I was wrong. It is actually about a struggle. Not just any struggle the BLACK struggle. Both men and women that sing this style talk about the different struggles they go through in their music. When looking up the meaning of blues music, it states that it is not just about telling a story, it is about expressing a feeling. That is why this genre is so soulful. When the blues were created shortly after slavery black musicians would talk about the struggle of slavery and racism. Even women would talk about their intersectionality. Some powerful blues songs would be “Roll Jordan Roll” by Topsy Chapman. This song is about the resistance to slavery. Another song is “Deep Moaning Blues” by Ma Rainey. We can say that her music is about ‘love’ but it also shows how important the black man is to the black woman. Blues music is an expression of pain.


The Longevity:

Blues music has been around since the 1800s. The thing is blues music is a rendition of Negro spirituals. If you do not know the exact definition of Negro Spirituals here it is- they are songs created by Africans who were captured and brought into the United States to be sold into slavery. Some famous Negro Spirituals we know is “Go Down, Moses”, “I’m Trav’ling To My Grave”, and even “Wade In The Water”. All of these beautiful spirituals are the reason for the blues music like “The Thrill Is Gone” by B.B. King or “Me and The Devil Blues” by Robert Johnson. Blues may have changed from the different instruments used like the saxophone, double bass, acoustic guitar, even electric guitars. When it used to be clapping, stomping, and shouting. It did stay the same by telling a story and expressing feelings.


As you can see the blues is a beautiful genre. You know they have some impact in the black community because our ancestors relied on them and now we do. Another fact that must be known is that blues music was used heavily in minstrel shows. Yet white people will say they created the blues. The blues is the black community. Even the blue’s longevity mimics the black communities hope. The message speaks for itself. This should make the black community even more thankful for this genre because is ours and was created for us.

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