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This is the first artist I will be talking about is Thomas. A Dorsey. Thomas grew up in a religious home but didn’t get his music experience from there he started his music career when he started playing blues at barrel houses. He started doing more religious playing after a spiritual awakening. He then went on to work at a baptist church as a music director for 30 years.


This is one of the most popular songs that he made. He made this song after the passing of his wife in 1932. This song has inspired many people and given them the faith to keep on going.

Thomas uses many musical characteristics. One of them he uses in a church where he stomps and uses claps to have rhythm. He uses call and response. For the instruments, he uses trombones and trumpets.

This is Mahalia Jackson the second artist I will be talking about. Mahalia Jackson was considered to be one of the most influential and best gospel artists. Her career was over 40 years old and she was influenced by Thomas Dorsey and blues singer Bessie Smith. She was also one of the first singers to take the gospel out of the church.
This is one of the songs she has sung that enslaved people sang. It carries a message of hope and emancipation that they would be free one day.

Mahalia Jackson worked as what she called a fish and bread singer she worked odd jobs all the time until she became a real gospel singer. She had a powerful vocal range and her music was amazing everyone loves her and enjoys her music. From what I heard of her music I really like it I feel like everyone should listen to it at least once and if it’s not their cup of tea then oh well.

This is Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She was an American singer and guitarist. She was the first great recording star of gospel music. She was also one of the first to attract rhythm and blues and rock and roll audiences. She would later be known as the original soul sister and godmother of rock and roll.
This is one of Rosseta Tharpe’s songs. She wrote this song because she was tired of being looked down upon for her musical choices. She was also taking a jab at the people in the church who was being hypocrites that said one thing but acted like another.
Rosetta Tharpe used many musical characteristics she started getting into gospel in the 1930s. She used an electric guitar while also singing gospel. She was a very amazing person and very beautiful inside and out. I really like all of her music her singing voice is very beautiful I also like how it seemed like she didn’t sugarcoat things. I also like how she did a little twist on gospel music and added an electric guitar to it. This is probably my favorite gospel artist that I wrote about.

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