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Why I should not have to take the final

I should not have to take the final because I attended most of the classes scheduled and was on time. I learned a lot from this course, and I enjoyed the way it was set up. I liked that we learned about each genre in order and how it influenced other genres. I would recommend other students to take this course. I have worked very hard on these posts and have learned a lot. I am also a senior and exempting this final and earning an A would help to relieve my stress as I prepare for finals in other courses. I hope you find it in your heart to allow me to not take this final exam. 🙂

Let’s Get Funky!!!

What is Funk Music? Funk music was created in the mid 1960s . This genre of music can be described as jazz, soul, rhythm, and

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Introduction to Techno Music Techno music originates from Detroit, Michigan during the 1980s. Techno music can be described as a blend of different black styles

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Hip- Hop All Around

Origin of Hip- Hop Hip – Hop is the most listened to genre of this century. The history of rap music has its roots since

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Stevie Wonder

Who is Stevie Wonder? Stevland Hardaway Morris was born on May 13, 1950. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan. He was born earlier than his

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Black and Blues

History of Blues Blues was originally slave music was first hymns & work songs. It Gradually it became reworked into an original form of expression.

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The Joyous Jubilee Quartet

Who was the Jubilee Quartet? The Jubilee Quartet originates from Norfolk, Virginia. They come on to the scene in about 1931. The group consists of

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Negro Spirituals

What are Negro Spirituals? Negro Spirituals came after the creation of folk music. Negro Spirituals came from slaves during the time of enslavement. These spirituals

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