Alexandria Chargois

Hippity hop

Hip Hop! In the Bronx, New York, Hip Hop began as a movement that focused on MCing at house and block parties. Emceeing, also known

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Four sounds

Jubilee Quartet Jubilee Quartet’s originated in the mid 1800s and derived from negro spirituals. The name jubilee quartet came from the Fisk Jubilee singers from

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Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams-singer, songwriter, producer Pharrell Williams, known to most simply as Pharrell was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia on April 5, 1973. He was born

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You’re gonna love me!

Musical Theater Before the 1890s, white people portrayed African American life on broadway through blackface. It 1898, a black-written musical comedy was brought to Broadway

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heyo techno

Techno Techno is electronic dance music that originated in Detroit in the 1980s, and this can be attributed to the Belleville three consisting of Juan

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Boogie down!

Disco Disco was the popular music style during the 70s. It started in New York with DJ’s. This music style was very upbeat with guitar

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Let’s get Jazzy

Jazz is a music form that was developed in New Orleans in the early 20th century. New Orleans was a very diverse city and all

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hey, Folk!

Hey Folk! Folk music began as a way for enslaved Africans to tell their stories and share their hopes. They used instruments such as the

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I’ve got the Blues

Blues music was created by black people in the South in the 1870’s, and it was influenced by ragtime and folk music. What makes blues

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A Good ol’ Ragtime

Ragtime first developed in St. Louis around the end of the 19th century (1893-1917). This genre of music was made for dancing with its lively

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Gospel Black gospel music came about from the roots of negro spirituals. It really made its rise in the 1930’s. These songs focused on biblical

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